It’s time for our 2019 Spring Break preview! Here at Gamet1me our stem programs are tested out during our fall, winter and spring break camps to see how well they do and evaluate them for use in our summer camps. These means the latest and greatest most ambitious camp ideas can be found in our preview camps. This year we are trying something very ambitious. We are trying GAME DESIGN!!!! In the past we have worked on 3d modeling, animation, coding, and other elements of game design but not the overall principles of Game design. In this camp we will use an innovative game-based learning program to teach us all the important elements of game design and how we can go about designing our own games so that people will find them to be fun!. Call 336-712-0062 or message us through facebook or online to learn more. You must have a membership to attend this camp. In addition we will only have 10 spots available at the moment so please hurry!.