• Hours Are  2:30pm-6:30pm  Monday-Friday
  • For Ages 7 & up (exceptions may be made)
  • Computers, Tutor, & iPads Available to Assist
  • Kids Learn Leadership, Team Building, Social Skills, & Online Etiquette
  • Cost is Only $50 Per Week Homework 1st
  • Homework Must Be Completed Before Gaming
  • Learning 1st Offers additional Hours of Tutoring for $30 Per Hour

GAMET1ME has an After School Club (called Homework 1st) where each member must complete his or her homework before being rewarded with video games, board games, & card games. Our facility has 10 PC’s, 2 iPads, 50+ seats, and at least one tutor onsite to assist in insuring their homework is completed.

GAMET1ME is offering “Learning 1st”, a catered program geared toward members who need (or want) additional assistance in Math, Language, Spelling, Writing, Science, or History. This will give your child an additional hour (hours) of tutoring in areas that they are struggling or advancement in their interests.

Keep in mind, you choose what your child can or can not play when it comes to gaming, and we enforce it for you. For security, GAMET1ME also has a 16 camera security system that is constantly recording and attentive staff watching & attending the entire time they are here. We pride ourselves on keeping your child safe and injury free. We also teach social skills, team building, and leadership in our social gaming tournaments. Homework 1st is for kids ages 7 & up, but exceptions can sometimes be made. The cost is just $50 a week for basic, or $30 an hour for the Learning 1st program. The only other charge is an annual $30 membership fee, if you are not already a member. We also offer an all day option for the days that schools are out for teacher workdays, Holidays, and early release (just $10 more per day. Those hours are 7:30am-6:30pm). Please call one of our staff members at 336-712-0062 for more information or visit us on Facebook at

Please keep in mind, Homeowrk 1st gives your child every opportunity to study and complete homework. It is still, and always will be, the parents responsibility to ensure your child does good in school. While GAMET1ME is committed to strengthen your childs focus, being part of Homework 1st does not guarantee they will do better. 


Reviews of GAMET1ME

Catalina Stewart  5 star  My son has been attending summer camp here this year and absolutely loves it! I can’t wait to go and enjoy it myself one day. The fact that they also have the old game systems available is awesome!

Misty Bates 5 star Love this place. I can take my daughter and her friends and know they are safe. Great place for fun times. Probably gonna do my daughters birthday there. Check them out.

Brad McCauley5 star My kids loved this place. Friendly staff.
Renee Avallone Shandra5 star Awesome concept and wonderful, safe family entertainment!
Miles Romello5 star Amazing place! My kids found mecca for gamers! It is a well thought out design.
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