GameT1me is hosting our annual Gaming Spring Break Camp! This year we will be focusing on the theme of Game Design! This will provide a hands-on experience on how some of our favorite games are made! Your child will also learn important skills the go hand in hand with designing games like 3D Modeling, debugging, working with a team, and much more, all while playing the video games they love and making new friends along the way!

Our camp is open to ages 6-16 and will last from April 2nd to April 6th (please note March 29th is a snow makeup day this year, and March 30th is not included in the Main Camp Cost!). Camp pricing is either $25 a day or $95 for the entire week. The Main Camp extends from April 2nd to April 6th, with March 30th being and extra day that is not included in the Main Camp week cost. Siblings camp prices are %10 off! If your child likes video games, he/she will love this camp! All payments can be made via calling in with card or by stopping by the store with cash or card.

Please refer to the form below to sign up today!